Will Identity Politics elect Trump again?

Let’s be clear about this – I’m a life long Liberal,Progressive Democrat. I’m not even offended when someone calls me a Socialist – to a degree it’s true.

The current crop of candidates lining up to contest the current thief in chief, however are scaring me.

Our current list of candidates contain primarily people who are identified by their particular niche in the base. Talking heads continually exalt over the wide range of choices available and label these people based on identity factors that have absolutely zero to do with whether they can actually win or not.

What I don’t see yet is anyone who can bring us all together and actually get the job done.

The risks to our country and our lives are too great to limit us to categorically rejecting or promoting anyone based on their race, religion, gender identity or age. If the lessons we should have learned from the 2016 loss which I believe occurred because we nominated a flawed candidate based on idealistic motivations and an under estimation of the competition.

I’m all in on a Black, or Female or Jewish or any other kind of nominee. As long as they can beat Trump.